2020 Trending Area Rug styles you'll love for under 200.00

Area rugs, will continue to be a key component of interior design and growing in popularity over time and are an excellent way to update preexisting spaces. They offer the opportunity to express strong design statements, with vibrant colors, unique patterns from natural materials like sisal and jute to handwoven textiles and vintage Persian or oriental show-stoppers, we've rounded up the top trending area rug looks for 2020 that will transform any room in your home from blah to absolutely BEAUTIFUL!.
Meraki rugs by Karastan

  – Here are some trending styles you'll love for under 200.00 


1. Modern meets rustic a compelling variant of the timeless cowhide rug, with rich metallic accents set against versatile neutral tones that will add a touch of glam to any space. Get the look HERE


2. Utilizing artful Shibori tie-dye techniques, this beige, aqua, and blue colored Triangle Accordion Area Rug offers contemporary carefree coastal California charm perfect to complement a modern bohemian decor. Get the look HERE


3. Luxurious Art Deco-inspired strokes of golden color create an aura of extravagance with a modern motif with a  palette of mineral-inspired colors in Brushed Gold Balanced by beautiful hues of antique white, mushroom taupe, and neutral dessert hues.  This look offers a Glamorous vibe inspired by Midcentury Modern design. Get the look HERE


4.  The graphic design of this modern area rug look adds contemporary flair to floors throughout the home. Layers and patterns are in and area rugs are a great way to pull this trend off.  A popular look is a colorful or patterned rug laid on top of a flat, natural material like sisal. Try laying smaller rugs on top of large ones, skewing the placement for visual and textural contrast between the two layers, this technique also allows you to cover more area without overpowering the space. Get the look HERE


5. This Area Rug transports you to a vibrant and colorful Moroccan rug market, with richly hued tribal rugs that feature a combination of exciting designs, multicolor fringes, and plush, luxurious fibers. Irregular diamond designs on dramatic abrash fields will bring a sense of global inspiration and energy to any room in your home. Get the look HERE

A gorgeous Area rug is like artwork for the floor and they're a great way to personalize and add character to any room. 

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