HELLO Fabulous! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Carmen

Wife,  mother of two beautiful kids and grandmother to the three most fabulous humans in the world!

Growing up I watched my mother create masterpieces from scrap fabric on her sewing machine. A single mother of 6, she worked as a seamstress from home.  I remember sitting on the floor, legs folded helping her turn the dress belts inside out with a makeshift wire she had made out of a clothing hanger.

I was always amazed at the beautiful creations she brought to life from the piles of fabric she carried home from the factory she worked for,  and oh the magic she made out of the pretty leftover fabric scraps.

 I remember a time I brought home a notice from school informing the parents of a fifth-grade class award assembly where I was required to wear a white blouse and blue skirt (that I did not own). But to my surprise the morning of the assembly I woke up to the most beautiful pleated navy blue skirt and crisp white cotton blouse waiting to be worn at the foot of my bed.......MAGIC! 

I looked at my mom, she looked at me and smiled. I felt like the prettiest little girl in the world! 

I remember her telling me stories of how as a teenager she would glue different color buttons to an old pair of shoes (watch out Mr. Vuitton), creative to say the least! to this day she continues to inspire me.

I love fashion, it's evident  that it was one of the loves passed down to me from her and I'll forever be grateful to her for introducing me to the magic that is Fashion ❤️

Today, I am an Interior Designer by trade and have had the pleasure to work together with some of the top home builders in California in making my own magic when it comes to home interiors.

I am also a fitness enthusiast, with one NPC  (National Physique Committee) Bikini competition on my belt  and prepping for my second in 2020

I am truly  living my best life and have learned (and still learning) so much from every challenge and victory I've experienced (and still experiencing)  

My fulfillment comes from being a vessel of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to all that cross my path, I've created these journals and resources just for you...


LR livefit

For the fitness newbie & hardcore enthusiast


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For the decorator at heart


LR Moda

For the style-conscious fashionista who's heart beats for all things FABULOUS

You'll find health and fitness tips workouts, recipes, the latest trends in home decor and fashion apparel that will inspire and motivate you to make some magic of your own and begin living your best life.

so please stop by again, where your FABULOUS awaits!


editor & chief Carmen Andino Webb