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7 things you need to know to Decorate like a Pro

SHOP THIS LOOK HERE 1. Space: One of the most important elements of interior design is space, Space acts as a foundation or canvas on which the entire decorating plan is built upon.  A space that is essentially filled with furniture/décor items is a Positive Space and a space that is empty is a Negative Space. A balance has to be maintained between both positive and negative spaces, skimping on the furniture/décor items can affect the overall balance of the space.         A decorating trick I use to ensure the element of balance has been achieved in space is taking a photo of my "seemingly" finished project. the photos expose the holes and or imbalances in my design scheme.  for example here is a space I thought I had...

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Get a model home look with these 9 designer tips and tricks

Do you love touring Model Homes and wished you could recreate the looks in your own space but have no idea where to start, well It isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are 9 designer tips and tricks that will help you get that Model Homes look of your dreams!

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