The Benefits of Ginger & Lemon juice Combo will blow your mind!

The Benefits of Ginger & Lemon juice combo in the Morning will jumpstart your metabolism and kick your immune system into high gear!

You may have heard of adding a squeeze of lemon to your water in the morning to help jumpstart your metabolism and kick your immune system into high gear, but what about adding ginger juice with lemon to your morning routine? As it turns out, ginger juice is an exceptional addition to your diet, whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, increase your appetite, balance glucose levels, and so much more. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from adding ginger juice with lemon to your diet each morning, and other quick fixes you can make to your morning routine to help you seize the day and live your best life.


Ginger is one of the most widely used and well-known spices in the world. While most people assume it comes from a root, ginger is actually a rhizome, or plant stem, from the flowering ginger plant. While the ginger flower no longer grows wild, it is still widely grown and distributed across the world. Its closest relatives are turmeric and cardamom, two spices which also boast plentiful health benefits. Ginger spice is often added to asian dishes for a kick of flavor and spice, but it’s also widely used for medicinal purposes in Eastern medicine.

Let’s start by highlighting the benefits of ginger juice, as there are so many benefits to consuming this powerful superfood. From helping to enhance your metabolism to balancing your blood sugar, ginger is an excellent addition to any diet.

Ginger Boosts Your Immune System

Especially during the cold winter months, it can be very difficult to maintain proper immune function to ward off colds and flus. That’s why it’s so important, especially in these months, to add ginger to your diet. Ginger acts as a natural antimicrobial, which means that it kills bacteria both internally and when used as a topical treatment. It can help remove any harmful bacteria from your gut that could compromise your immune system, making way for good bacteria to thrive. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents, which means that your immune system does not need to work in overdrive to combat internal inflammation in the cells.

Ginger Helps IBS Patients

IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, presents itself as cramping, intense pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other uncomfortable digestive issues, usually after a meal. It is a widespread condition in the United States that currently has no known cure. However, ginger is commonly prescribed by doctors to IBS patients to help control their symptoms. While it is not understood exactly how ginger helps calm these symptoms, it is commonly understood that this root contains antispasmodic properties that help calm the intestines, a major cause of IBS issues. Ginger is one of the main active ingredients in many anti-nausea medications specifically because it can help relax the intestines when they become aggravated.

Spike Your Metabolism With Ginger

Whether you’re looking to pack on lean muscle or simply rev your metabolism first thing in the morning, the benefits of ginger juice with lemon in the morning are particularly palpable for those looking for a metabolic boost. Ginger kicks the metabolism into gear by causing the stomach to produce more acid. This can stimulate the appetite for those looking to gain weight, or for those suffering from health issues that cause a decrease in appetite. However, it can also be beneficial for people looking to lose weight, as the extra acid in the stomach turns on the metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories and fat. It’s a great pre-workout boost to help your body burn even more calories during a cardio workout.

Drink Ginger Juice For A Speedy Workout Recovery

Speaking of intense workouts, recovery time is just as important as your time spent sweating. After a difficult workout, especially if you’re lifting weights, your muscles become sore due to tiny tears in your muscle fibers. During your workout recovery, these muscle fibers repair themselves and build new muscle mass. If you don’t properly fuel your muscles and leave yourself time to recover after an intense workout, not only could you risk injury by pulling a muscle, but you could also be hindering your muscle growth. This is where ginger comes in. By supplementing your body with ginger juice during your recovery, your body can heal itself faster and more efficiently, thanks to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can you make it back to the gym faster, but you won’t have to suffer from muscle soreness and fatigue after your workout for very long at all. Pure Green’s own, Ross Franklin, drinks a shot of ginger right after his workout as a biohacking tip to aid in his recovery.

Drink Ginger To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar

Spikes and dips in blood sugar levels are what lead to anxiety or black out spells. Diabetics are particularly prone to experiencing these symptoms, as their bodies cannot regulate their blood sugar on their own. Consequently, they need to monitor their sugar intake at all times, but also carry a sugary drink or piece of fruit with them to combat potential low blood sugar spells. Even those without diabetes can suffer from similar symptoms if they do not regulate mealtimes or follow a healthy diet. While scientists are not yet sure how it works, it is widely understood that ginger can help regulate blood sugar to combat symptoms of both high and low blood sugar.

As you can see, ginger juice is an important and beneficial addition to any diet. Now let’s talk about lemon. Lemon is often added to dishes for a flavor boost, but it can also be added to water, or mixed with a cold pressed juice shot for even more health benefits. Let’s break down the benefits of this powerful superfood.

Lemon Juice May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

Wake up with a shot of lemon juice with your ginger in the morning to help prevent kidney stones from forming. How does this work, exactly? Well, lemon juice has been shown to increase citrate levels in the urine, which can help break down or prevent calcium stones from forming in the kidneys. These calcium stones are commonly referred to as kidney stones and are exceptionally painful when they occur, and can only be passed naturally through urination.

Soothe A Scratchy Throat With Lemon Juice

As with ginger, lemon is a great supplement during colder winter months when your immune system is especially prone to colds and flus. Sipping tea with ginger and lemon can help ease a sore throat and ease inflammation that causes cold symptoms. We recommend adding it to your diet before you experience a sore throat as a preventative measure.

Skip the Caffeine and Wake Up With Lemon Juice

Similar to ginger juice, lemon stimulates the metabolism and kicks your body into high gear. Rather than reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning, which does little in the way of benefiting your body, reach for a lemon juice shot instead. Not only does it give you an extra calcium boost in the morning, but it will turn on your digestive system and energize your whole body for the day ahead.

Stay Trim

Lemon juice is commonly known for its digestive health benefits and as a weight loss aid. Antioxidants found in lemons can help cleanse the digestive system and liver, which can, in turn, help your body release toxins and shed extra pounds. Whether you’re on a weight loss regimen or not, adding lemon to your diet is a great way to lose or maintain weight. Who couldn’t benefit from that, especially around the holidays?

Stay Alkaline With Lemon Juice

You may have heard us boasting about our cold pressed juices’ alkaline properties. A body that is alkaline is a body that is in perfect balance in terms of acidity. A body that is too acidic is toxic, and can cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, from energy loss to acne to weight gain. This is precisely the time we recommend embarking on a cold pressed juice cleanse, to help flush the body of toxin causing acidity. Many of our juices contain lemon, which, although it is an acidic fruit, helps to balance pH levels in the body. When your body’s pH levels are in balance, you have more energy, clearer skin, and can maintain a healthy weight. These are just a few of the many benefits of alkalinity, and lemon juice is a great addition for anyone hoping to alkalize their body and reach peak health.


As you can see, there are so many health benefits to both lemon and ginger juices. When combined, these superfoods are the perfect addition to practically any diet and can lead to increased energy, better digestion, increased immunity and so much more. By starting your day with a shot of ginger juice with lemon, or mixing the two with a glass of water, you’re kicking your metabolism into high gear and setting yourself up to burn calories and energize your body for the entire day. Adding this mixture to cold pressed juice is another flavorful way to experience the benefits of ginger juice with lemon, and a great way to flood your body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Tomorrow morning, wake up with ginger juice and lemon and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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