The Absolute #1 most important Accessory of all

 - Le RIVINO's / Editor & Chief Carmen Andino Webb

The #1 most important Accessory of all!

Fashion has always been a source of inspiration, expression and empowerment in my life.  It is a major key element in my Arsenal to combat the day no matter the challenge. 

FASHION can stand beautifully by it self, coveted and admired by all,  but when paired with the #1 most important accessory of all, it  has the power to transform your whole atmosphere producing life changing experiences not just for you but for the world around you.

What is this magical piece of adornment you ask?


 This element combined with the simplest or the most embellished curated pieces can bring explosive change to your very existence. Together they give out super power like strength enabling you to feel you can conquer the world! 

CONFIDENCE gives breath and life to FASHION, together this dynamic duo can transform  the most complicated or basic outfits into eventfully FABULOUS creations! empowering us to feel and believe that we can push through the most difficult of circumstances and situations.

When you have confidence it changes your attitude and perspective towards life, your attitude will transform the energy and atmosphere of any space your in.

If your afraid you lack what it takes to confidently do the things that allow you to live your best life,  it's ok......

"Stay AFRAID, But do it anyway. What's important is the ACTION. You don't have to wait to be CONFIDENCE.  Just do it and eventually the Confidence will follow" - Carrie Fisher

In essence what this quote is saying, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! 

So as you get ready for the day and put on that amazing outfit, clip on those eye-catching statement earrings, slide on those out of this world pumps and fabulous clutch, don't forget to drape yourself with CONFIDENCE!  You have the power to change and make the world a more beautiful place to live, simply because your in it! 




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