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The Top 2019 Fall / Winter fashion Trends We are obsessed with

Fall / Winter 2019 trends include callbacks from the '90s, '80s And the '70s. as well as a couple of fashion trends that can't be traced back to any particular era that finessed their way down the runways in high style!  From New York, London, Milan, and Paris designers like Gucci, Chanel, and more declared everything from power shoulders to the teeny-weeny micro bags a thing! ____ 1. Asymmetrical Necklines the lopsided necklines shoulder is an effortlessly put-together look,  it gives an "I just threw it on"  vibe that's both sexy and bold Shop the Asymmetrical Neckline Here  ____ 2. Satin is back! satin is back in a big way. Versace brought back their '90s satin dresses, updating them in neon hues with contrasting lace...

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